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We are a public accounting firm located in the heart of New York City at 115 West 29th Street.
Sumner CPA provides personalized accounting and business services to individual entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses.
Employing both certified public accountants and legal professionals, Sumner CPA provides a comprehensive approach to your needs and can help you find and structure innovative solutions to your investment, accounting, business and tax problems.
Sumner CPA was founded in 1998 with the conviction that small to mid-sized businesses have unique financial goals and accounting challenges that need to be addressed on a personal level.
Neil Sumner brings a multidisciplinary approach in providing solutions for your tax law and accounting needs.
Adding attorney services brings a value-added service to his clients.
His guidance and personal interest creates a less intimidating accounting and tax law environment so clients gain a better understanding of the process and see where their financial goals lie.
As the principal of Sumner CPA, Neil Sumner is involved at every level to ensure all forms and reports are filled and filed accurately, and you receive the highest quality service and support.

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