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Tax services shouldn't only be considered at tax time.
Your ongoing business and accounting practices should be managed throughout the year so that you can make the right financial decisions that will reduce your tax liability and you can retain the greatest amount of your hard earned profits.
Our ongoing support involves tax planning, financial statements preparation, and back-office support including bookkeeping and payroll preparation.
Taxes: Taxes are an unavoidable fact of business life. Sumner CPA will assist in determining what your actual liabilities are, generate the proper forms and assist you in filing them on a timely basis. With employees you are responsible for a number of taxes for multiple jurisdictions: federal, state and local authorities.
Marketing: Good marketing is critical to the success of your business.
Sumer CPAs affiliated experts can assist you in both creating an effective marketing plan and assisting in its implementation.
Forecasting: To maintain the momentum of your business, you must look to the future even while focusing on the present.
Ideal Positioning: based on the above, Sumner CPA will assist you in outlining the ideal position for your business to occupy.

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