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Sumner CPA is a full service accounting firm located in the heart of New York City.
You compete in a tough market that has its own hurdles to overcome. Following the same business plans and using the same accounting or business services as a competitor or large corporations just won't work.


As an expert in your own field, you appreciate the benefits of expert accounting and business advice. Sumner CPA understands the issues you face. We provide you with the expert accounting and business support you need that will help you plan your growth and prosper.


Our staff includes accountants, a lawyer, bookkeepers and marketing professionals able to analyze the current state of your business, locate any deficiencies, create and implement action plans to facilitate sustainable growth in both revenues and net profits while moderating the impact of tax exposures.


Specializing in the total business accounting spectrum, we assist in the structuring of Start-Ups, helping them grow into profitable Small Businesses. Ultimately, by creating structures that grow as you grow, we establish the accounting and business environment that fosters the growth of your business into a profitable and self-sustaining Mid-Sized Businesses with a naturally evolving Exit Strategy.


We provide Back Office Support including Bookkeeping and Payroll Preparation (As well as those unique to Start-Ups, Small Businesses and Mid-Sized Businesses).


We help you reach your long-term goals for wealth and success.
  • ​Start Ups

  • Small Businesses

  • Mid-sized Businesses

  • Exit Strategies

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